Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter
Baby Body Float - greenbutter

Baby Body Float

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Introduce water time to your baby in a safe and secure way. Designed with your baby's safety as our main priority. Different from traditional baby swimming rings, our baby body float is equipped with a comfortable backrest, inflatable chest & buckles for extra safety. The baby body float will bring your baby joy in the water!
  • Suitable for ages 3 months to 6 years 
  • Made in 3 different options that will be suitable for babies/kids of all sizes up to 6yrs
  • With your baby resting on its stomach, the inflatable chest will add maximum comfort.
  • Using the harness and belt, rest assured your little one will be tightly secured at all times. 
  • Simply pump up the Baby Body float for water fun, and deflate for super compact storage. Perfect for camping, swimming pools, bathtubs, lakes and more.
  • Your little one will be accustomed to water in no time

Additional Benefits

1. It teaches water safety

Tragically, accidental drowning still results in more than 150 deaths per year  Learning to get to the side, hold on, get out and/or swim could save your child’s life one day.



2. It’s great for their physical and mental health
Swimming from birth is fantastic for your baby's health & development and could spark a lifetime’s interest in the sport, burning up to 300 calories, you’ll get a work-out, too!

Alexander swimming with mummy at 9 days old

3. It promotes bonding
Skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond between you and your child. For parents with more than one child, this may be your one chance in the week to focus purely on your infant. 

4. It boosts confidence
Introducing children to water at a very young age helps prevent a fear of water developing later. You’ll be so proud of what your baby can do!

5. It develops their coordination
Being in the water helps improve coordination and balance.

6. It builds their strength
Buoyancy and water-resistance mean that babies exercise more muscles, more effectively, in water than on land.

7. It develops their learning skills

8. It enhances their well-being
Warm water relaxes your baby and swimming stimulates their appetite; for you, the good news is improved sleeping and eating patterns!

9. It provides structure
Weekly swimming classes contribute to structuring your week and your day, providing a regular fun and social activity.

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