Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape
Smart Measurement Tape

Smart Measurement Tape

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It is the only tape measure you will ever need. With three different measuring modes, it lets you measure just about anything.

We all measure size in our daily lives. Whether it’s for a DIY home improvement project or for measuring body size, everyone uses a tape measure. 

Despite the various uses for a tape measure, the way we measure size has remained the same for more than a century. It’s about time that we stop trying so hard to read tiny numbers and markings on tape measures.

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It's time to innovate the way we measure size.
It's time to innovate the way we measure size.

It is easy to use. Select one mode from three different measuring modes, take a measurement, then click the save button to save your data.


Roller Mode

String Mode

Laser Mode


You can use It's string mode to measure length like you would with a traditional tape measure. Its flexible yet strong string allows you to easily measure curved objects and surfaces, various body types, and- needless to say- flat surfaces. Its string mode can measure up to about 10 feet (3 meters).


Wheel mode is great when you don’t have both hands available to measure length or distance. Just switch to Its wheel mode and roll its wheel. Wheel mode is perfect for measuring distance on curved surfaces and can measure up to about 33 feet (10 meters).


When you want to measure the distance to areas that are far away or hard to reach, use Its remote mode. Simply point the ultrasonic sensor at objects, walls, or ceilings and It will tell you how far away they are. The remote mode automatically activates a laser that points at your target spot to indicate where you are measuring. You can measure up to 16 feet 4 inches (5 meters) in remote mode.




You don't have to connect It to your smartphone every time you want to take a look at past measurements. It has internal memory that can save up to 100 measurements and voice memos. You can easily bring up all of your logs on its digital display.


There’s no need to worry about replacing the batteries. It is built with a lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 24 hours and averages 8 hours with constant use. Any micro USB cable lying around the house is fit to charge It.


It is for everyone. Whether you use inches, centimeters, or millimeters to measure size, It will adapt to meet your needs. On Its mobile app, you can even choose to display your measurements in feet or meters. 


We’ve experimented with various types of sensors, but decided to develop our own. Its sensor is backed by six patents and we couldn’t be more excited to share its abilities with you.

The error for all three modes should be within 0.5% under room temperature conditions. We are working hard on our firmware to lower the error margin and will provide all updates on any accuracy improvements.

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