Kitchen Gadgets Under 22$ that Makes Your Life Easier in 2018

With High expenses of day to day life, having something ridiculously useful with very low cost is itself a globe of satisfaction. Here are some of the products under 22$ that will make your life easier.

1. Beer Bubble Foaming Mug

George, a beer lover, mostly enjoys the beer during late night works. But this multitasking of work and beer, leaves his beer foamless.

Thanks to Beer Bubble Foaming Mug, now he gets his Beer head with just a push of a button without a single drip. Amazing, isn't it?

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2. USB Cup Warmer

Richa, a Freelancer has long nights of urgent delivery projects. But this is no new news.

If asked, USB Cup Warmer would be the only thing she would take if left on a barren island. Weird? Why not ask a caffeine addict?

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3. Food Vacuum Sealer

For Andrew, a chef by profession and restaurant owner, nothing is scarier than wastage of leftover food.


Food Vaccum Sealer is no more than a miracle for him. Waste not, Want not. True?

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4. Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

Christmas is around the corner and what would be more fantastic than cookies with embedded art, without an extra effort, for Gene, mother of two.

Kids love it and Adults are Surprised. What would Gene want more?

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5. 60 Second Salad Cutter

Mike, a hedge fund manager, hardly has time to move a spoon. But what could he possibly do being a mega health conscious guy? 

Thank God for 60 Second Salad Cutter, his health is now within 60seconds of his reach.

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